Study in Australia at Bond University

    Start your degree education in Australia

Australia, which welcomes the third highest number of international students in the world, is home to seven of the world’s top 100 universities and five of the top 30 student destinations on the basis of criteria such as affordability, quality of life and cultural diversity.

    Sights and attractions

Offering one of the world's largest selections of art galleries and museums per capita, Australia is home to the National Gallery in Parkes, which attracts formidable crowds each year. Those in search of more relaxing activities may enjoy exploring Ayers Rock, a UNESCO World Heritage site near Alice Springs, climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge or sipping world-famous wines in Eden Valle or Riverina.

While Melbourne is sure to appeal to those keen to indulge in sightseeing or retail therapy, Queenstown is an excellent destination for extreme sports fanatics. Cairns is renowned for its status as the party capital of Australia, whereas Perth is internationally recognised for its stunning views, many of which centre on the Swan River.

    Inspirational and innovative

Australia has produced 15 Nobel Prize winners, the majority of whom specialised in physiology or medicine. The country is responsible for the production of numerous innovations which are relied upon across the globe, including Wi-Fi, ultrasound, penicillin and the cervical cancer vaccine. Some of the world’s brightest minds continue to live and teach in Australia, rendering it an exciting, intellectually stimulating environment for academic study.

    Affordable living

Contrary to popular belief, the cost of living in Australia is remarkably reasonable; students can easily live and study on a tight budget if necessary, thanks to the broad range of retail options, supermarkets and accommodation available. Many Australian university towns are specifically tailored to young residents’ needs, offering discounts and deals that allow students to shop, eat and socialise without breaking the bank.