Study Master of Architecture in Australia

    Continue your education in Architecture at Bond University

Held at the Abedian School of Architecture, our Master of Architecture programme has been designed to enable the next generation of architectural professionals to create without fear or limitations and to possess the confidence required to have a positive impact on today’s global society through their imagination, strategic vision and technical proficiency.

    What you will study

Our course centres on historical and philosophical architectural debate, which is supported by the study of contemporary states of urban habitation, challenges to a sustainable ecology and the global ramifications of modern technology. Delivered in a stimulating design school environment, the programme also encourages students to consider professional architectural concerns in law, contracts and ethics, ensuring that all graduates are fully equipped for their entry into the commercial world of architectural practice.

    Professional opportunities

Our Masters course enables graduates to enter the architecture profession through a variety of avenues, which range from government and development to construction and infrastructure. The strategic thinking, visual creativity, public engagement and technological skills developed throughout the programme provide graduates with an extensive selection of career opportunities in within the discipline.

Each student enrolled on our Master of Actuarial Science programme is supported in gaining the work experience required for them to achieve the status of a professional architect either in Australia or overseas. In Australia, professional status is assessed and awarded at state level, whereas professional registration overseas is governed by specific regional authorities.