Study Master of Criminology in Australia

    Postgraduate masters in criminology at Bond University

Providing students with intensive, subject-specific skills and scholarly appreciation of crime, justice and forensic issues, our Master of Criminology programme offers training in a broad range of issues including criminology theories, contemporary information on crime prevention and the theory and practice of punishment. Those enrolled are encouraged to develop the in-depth knowledge and research skills required for the analysis of criminological issues and the critical evaluation of published research.

    What you will study on this course

Our MA course comprises core, foundation and dissertation subjects such as:

  • Epistemology and Theory of Knowledge
  • Politically Motivated Violence
  • Forensic Criminology
  • Crime Analysis and Profiling
  • Transnational Crime
  • Security and Strategy in the 21st Century

    Graduate opportunities after the course

We enable students with existing knowledge of criminology to cultivate research skills relating to a variety of areas of criminological enquiry and communicate the results of their research to both technical and non-technical audiences. Students are equipped with the critical thinking skills and means of strategic development required for the expansion of their criminology careers.